Sunday, August 28, 2011

100 Devotions, 100 Bible Songs

By Stephen Elkins

When I saw this book I grabbed it right way!! I read and listened to it right away and could’t wait to write the review. I love kids songs and since I’m a teacher even more so especially bible songs. What I also liked was that there were a lot I knew and a lot I had never heard of! I loved the fact that there was a bible story with colorfull pictures to tell that fit for each of the songs on the 2 CD’s not to mention a bible verse and short prayer added that’s perfect for teaching the kids. Added also are a few words to the song that fit the story being told. I help direct the kids choir and these songs will be perfect for my younger kids group at weddings and engagement parties, concerts or just for everyday use! I was a bit disappointed that the words to the songs weren’t also in the book but I really like the story idea to each song just as much. I can type out the songs if need be or look them up just as easily. I don’t think there’s an old or familiar bible song that isn’t in this book. It has Pretty well EVERYTHING! I just want to thank the person who put in the effort for putting this all together and the songs are well song and clear. I have three nieces who love listening to music and I can’t wait to hear them sing along with the kids on the CD’s!

This book is hard covered and has two CD's filled with kids songs fastened to the inside covers. There are beautiful, colorful animated pictures for each short story that kids will love to look at over and over again and again!

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